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We are family!!!!
Sad, lonely, feel defeated? Come and get filled with the love of Jesus at Heart!
Pastor Rob speaks in "love" and he speaks what God has placed on his heart. I have
never been so at home at a church. The music is powerful and the message is filled
with God's anointing! Come and enjoy the peace and love of the Heart Family Church.
By the way our youth group rocks!

Can't find a home?...
I never attended a church and decided I needed something more in my life. I didn't
want to go to a church that preaches at you.I found my home at Heart of the Hills
where I was welcomed with open arms and a brand new extended family. Pastor Rob does
not preach, he just gives a great message week after week. His is a man first, and
that's what makes him truly unique. I can't imagine a life without the Lord and his
word through Pastor Rob Fisk. He is funny as well. Come check us out. It is a great
time and the Praise and Worship are Powerful. Heart of the Hills Rocks.

Come home and stay a while
Heart of the Hills Church is my home away from home. As my walk with God grows
stronger, I am aided by my loving brother, Pastor Rob Fisk. His sermons are bible
based and educational. His sense of humor only adds to his wonderful presentations.
Wednesday night services, Thursday night care groups, men and woman Saturday
gatherings, are just part of a very active church family. I also enjoy playing
trombone in the Sunday services. Our worship team rocks!!!

Heart of the Hills is a family church...
We visited Heart of the Hills on a Wednesday night a while back and have stayed ever
since. The pastor and the leaders of the church stress God's Word as the final
authority in what we should believe and live. The pastor is a great teacher. We have
never heard the principles and truths of the Bible explained so well. The pastor is
a "people" person. He truly loves people. The associate pastor follows right in his
footsteps. You won't find weird beliefs here or power struggles. It's not a perfect
church, but it is a church family of believers who are really seeking after what God
wants for their lives. Come and visit. Oh, and the music is fantastic!


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